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Border Collie Training: Featured Product


This is the third Border Collie training video that I produced. The first one was put together in about 1984 called Starting a Border Collie. In 1987 I purchased a professional video camera and produced Training and Working a Border Collie. It’s still available now. But there was an interest in seeing Border Collies started on more than just sheep and so in 1996 I started working on this new video, Starting Your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep or Ducks.

This video truly has become a standard in available training videos and has been sent all around the world. The Working Border Collie magazine said, “in my opinion, Starting Your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep or Ducks is the best video ever produced on raising and starting a Border Collie”.

The video covers 5 young dogs, from different breeding lines, and follows this straight forward training program that uses a Border Collie’s natural instinct of its gather. Two start on sheep and then switched immediately onto cattle. One starts on ducks and then onto cattle. One just works on cattle. One on only sheep.

The program begins in the early stages of raising the pup - it’s feed, veterinary and kennelling requirements, things not to do and shows many of the right ways of raising your pup in these early months. Then it looks at some of the troubles to avoid, shows that these situations, which are usually blamed on the pup, are really the new handler’s fault and covers how to do things differently.

Then you can follow each pup through its early training sessions. Learn the commands that are universally used with these livestock partners. Watch as each pup learns the “basics” and then progresses onto the gather, drive, etc.. in just a short time these dogs are seen in actual working situations, fetching the stock, etc.

The Ranch Dog Trainer magazine said, “this excellent video shows the novice stock dog trainer how to start a Border Collie and how to develop its natural instinct. The video is high quality, not only in the material presented but it features good camera work and sound. However, it’s greatest asset is the easily understood training program for starting a Border Collie!”

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